A Camera That I Am Interested In

So, there is a camera that I have been looking at for a couple of months now. It is the Sony α65.

This camera came out around early December of last year, though it was supposed to come out in August. A few of the cameras shipped then, but the production of them was delayed because of the flooding in Japan. Now it is fully in production and it looks to be like a very good camera.

This camera is selling for $999 with an 18-55 mm kit lens. To get the camera without a lens, it costs $899. This price is set to compete with other DSLRs like the Canon 60D. The Sony α65 is not a true DSLR. It is an SLT, meaning that it has a translucent mirror that allows 70% of the light to get to the sensor, while reflecting 30% of the light to the auto-focus system. This means that during video capture, the camera is able to use its faster phase detection auto-focus to have much better performance than a traditional DSLR. Because it doesn’t need to flip a mirror up before every shot, the Sony also has a very fast burst speed at 10fps. This speed is on par with much more expensive, professional level cameras.

Other great features of the camera are that it has the world’s first 24.3 mp APS-C sized sensor. This gives you many more pixels to work with, allowing for sharper and bigger pictures. Also as a world first, the electronic viewfinder on the Sony is the sharpest yet, coming even closer to the quality of an optical viewfinder; one with even more features.

The Sony α65 is a very compelling buy, seeing that it has a relatively low price for the huge amount of features that it carries in its arsenal. It has about the same features as the Sony α77, and it’s about $1000 cheaper.


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