Do I have enough words? (I talk about cameras)

Wow! I haven’t posted anything in a long time on this blog. When did I last write a post? Yeah, January 19th. Wow that was a while ago so here is a new blog for you internetz so this page might get over a hundred views.

Oh! Awesome! That intro at the beginning took a good 50 words. Now onto an actual post.

There is nothing really that big that is going on in the Film-Photography world right now. Canon, Nikon, Panasonic and Olympus have all released some new “point & shoot” cameras. (I just hit a hundred words but I think that bring my train of thought into the station). Well as I was saying, a bunch of new compact cameras were released at the same time. Do you know why? Because these manufacturers are all competitors. For the most part, the cameras have roughly the same specs. The only real difference is the brand label that is slapped on at the end of the production line.

There. My little information post for today. Now I have about a 191 words. 192…193…194…195 – oh I give up. 199


*NOTE: All posts in the category “School” are for school. Yeah.


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