The “New” iPad

Yesterday, on Wednesday, March 7th, Apple announced the “new” iPad. No, it’s not an iPad 3, nor is it an iPad HD, as others had thought. It’s called the new iPad and that is what it shall be called throughout this article.

What all comes with the new iPad that you didn’t get a year ago with the iPad 2? Well, there are many new technologies in this version that make an upgrade, if you have the money, a worthy option. I’m just going to go over the main upgrades so as not to make the post too drawn out, so if you want to find all of the specs click on this link.

First and foremost is a HUGE improvement to the screen. The new display has what Apple calls “Retina Display” technology. We first saw this technology in the iPhone 4 and it is now on the iPhone 4S and the fourth generation iPod touch. The reason that Apple calls this technology a “Retina Display” is that with the huge pixel density (4 times the normal amount), the human eye cannot discern the individual pixels, making for a very crisp display. Now these are 3.5 inch displays on the iPhones and iPod touch, so it was easier to make a display with a larger pixel density, but now Apple has managed to pack in 4 time the number of pixels from the last iPad into the new one. That is a huge boost in sharpness. Think about it for a moment. What is the resolution of the computer screen that you are reading off of right now? The resolution of my 13 inch MacBook Pro is 1280 x 800. The resolution of the new iPad with a 9.7 inch display is 2048 x 1536 pixels. That’s CRAZY!

To drive that crazy display, the new iPad comes with the all new Apple A5X “system on a chip.” This chip has dual cores for main processing and quad-core graphics so that the display runs fast enough.

A huge upgrade for those users who will be using the iPad outside of a wi-fi area is that the new iPad supports 4G LTE on both AT&T and Verizon in the US. Compared to the 3G wireless that was in the previous iPads, you will get much faster speeds on the new network. These speeds, depending on the strength of the network, will be near wi-fi speeds. That would be, probably, the second biggest upgrade for the new iPad.

Those are only a couple of the biggest upgrades that Apple released with the new iPad, but there are many other little changes that you can see by clicking the link. If you would rather see the actual presentation on Wednesday, then HERE is the link to that.

If you are looking into buying the new iPad, it will be released on March 16th. It is open right now for Pre-Order, so, if I were you, I would buy it now and not wait, because we all know how long if would take to ship if we do.


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