My Audio Setup

This is the playlist to my reviews of the different products in my audio setup.


Now, for some more information:

This whole setup came as a package from Guitar Center. It was one of the cheapest packages that they had, but it was also one that got very good reviews. That was the main reason why I bought it.

Before I had this setup, I recorded straight into the audio input onto my computer; something that really shouldn’t be done. With this setup I can get much better quality. I am also able to record multiple tracks at the same time. This can save a lot of time in recording.

The microphone that came in the package is a condenser microphone. That means that it is a better microphone for recording. It as a cardioid shaped pickup pattern, which means that it picks up less room noise.

With the monitors that came in the package, I am able to hear the nuances of the recordings better. This helps to make the quality the best that I can make it, both in music recording and recording audio for my videos. They are also really great to use as speakers, much better and “fuller sounding” than the ones that are in my computer.


The one thing that you need to realize, though, is that getting more fancy equipment won’t make you sound amazing overnight. You still need to hone your skills and be able to handle the equipment that you have. Practice is the best way to get things to sound good. Even if you buy thousands of dollars worth of equipment, it doesn’t do you any good if you don’t know how to use it. Also make sure you know what you NEED. I could have gotten a package with more inputs and outputs, but I didn’t need it. I just need to record myself, maybe two inputs at a time, and maybe some friends. For that, I have plenty of options in the kit that I bought. So don’t just look at this post and say “I need to get this.” Think about if you are at the stage where something like this would be beneficial to you. Yup… That’s my rant / information talk.

Anyways… its a great package and it should last me many a years.


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