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This website is the hub to all of my online branches. Take a look at the different links on the top. The “blog” link will take you to a blog that I author. Posts on it are mainly about technology with topics ranging from reviews of camera gear to how-to’s and editorials on topics I find important. To the right of that link is my “photography” link. Here you can go to my photography website and take a look at a collection of pictures that I have taken and deemed likable enough to share. At the bottom of any page of the website are external links to my two YouTube channels, my Twitter, and my deviantArt page.

First a little history behind the name “bladeoftree”. It all started on a November day in 2008, when I decided to make my first YouTube account. At first I wanted the username “bladeofgrass”, but it was taken. After a few iterations I came up with the name that I use today as my main identity on the internet.

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Marco Meyer


Marco is an aspiring filmmaker and photographer. In 2008, he started his first channel on YouTube with two friends, paving the way to the online presence that he has today. In his freshman year of high school he took a class on guitar, his first introduction to any real instrument. This class became more of a hobby as Marco started to become more interested in the creative fields. Playing guitar with his friends, together they posted music videos on YouTube. The creation of these videos brought Marco into the field of filmmaking, which was when he started to post his own videos to the internet. In 2012, during his senior year of high school, Marco took a film production class. Even though he already had a large understanding of the vocabulary and techniques that go into film, this class helped to show him that this was really what he wanted to do.

Now, in the summer before his first semester of college, Marco is continuing to release a video every week, whether it be a short film, a how-to, or a review of some sort. With over 45,000 views in just over a year his online presence continues to grow and, for as far as he can see, there are no plans to stop.